News & Updates

Version released.

15 August 2017

New version is available for download.

Version released.

21 March 2017

Python scripting language is now embedded in LogicCircuit. Please download and start automating your circuits.

Version released.

20 September 2016

Japanese translation and bug fixes release is available for download.

Version released.

3 June 2016

New translation and bug fixes are available for download.

Version released.

21 October 2015

New version is available for download.

Version released.

28 July 2015

Persian translation available for download.

Version released.

26 June 2015

Please download fix of one nasty bug.

Version released.

16 June 2015

New bug fix release available for download.

Version released.

24 March 2015

New translations are now available. Please download the program and give it a try.

Version released.

6 January 2015

LogicCircuit now translated to Lithuanian. Please download and give it a try.

Version released.

16 December 2014

Release with new features, bug fixes, and translation is here for download.

Editing circuits

When you first open LogicCircuit it will be one empty logical circuit visible on the right pane of the program window named "Main".

LogicCircuit screen

To create you first circuit just drag and drop any item (for example a button) from the left pane to the design surface.

Drag and drop available circuits to the design surface

Drag and drop symbols on design surface

To wire your circuits connect output pin of one circuit with one or more input pins of another one. All pins are bold black dots on the edges of circuit symbols. All you need to do is just draw wires with your mouse.

Draw wire with your mouse

Draw connected wires starting new wire at the end of another

You can select and move multiple symbols on your circuit.
Hold Ctrl key on your keyboard and click items on the design surface to select or unselect them.
Click wire while holding Shift key to select entire "conductor".
There are bunch of selection commands in the Edit menu.

Selecting multiple symbols. Use Shift to extend.

When you moving symbols over the diagram wires connected to them will be sticking to the pins. If you want to move the symbols without wires hold Shift while dropping at the desired location.

To edit properties of the symbol on the design surface double click it and the property dialog will pop up. However double clicking symbol of logical circuit will open it on the design surface. See Building advanced circuits for more details.

Double click to edit

Now you have your first circuit ready and can try to power it up and see how it works.

Simulate your digital circuit